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Our Worldwide Innovation Network (WIN) Platform Helps the Academic Institutions in Accelerating Innovations and start-ups  at Much Faster Pace.

University Innovation Acceleration Services

Worldwide Innovation Network (WIN)

Collaborative Intelligence for Universities

  • Worldwide Innovation Network (WIN) is our cloud-based collaborative intelligence platform, which connects your institution with all the stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem for faster growth.

  • WIN platform is spread across MNCs, Corporate Venture Companies, Corporate Accelerators, Co-innovation Centres, Technology Transfer Offices, Research Institutions, Government, R&D institutions, and the whole start-up ecosystem.

  • Our technology research and intelligence enable us to connect your institution with the right strategic partners at a fast pace for collaborative models of growth. 

Cloud Based Platform

Innovation Rank

We help your institution in:

  • Developing large scale innovation & entrepreneurship capacity

  • Achieving tangible outcomes to maximize your innovation rank

  • Brand building with International accreditation from GInI USA

  • We enable you in complying with New Innovation and Start-up Policy

  • We maximize your ARIIA Rank

We Help You in Developing Large Scale Innovation Capacity

Start-up Rank

  • We connect your start-ups with MNCs, Corporate Accelerators, Co-Innovation Centres, Open Innovation Companies, and Corporate Venture Companies for mentorship, prototyping, funding, and scale-up.

  • We work with top MNCs for maximizing their innovation portfolio and understand their exact needs for creating the strategic fit with your start-ups.

  • We enable your start-ups to Globalize their ventures by promoting them in international forums.

We Connect Your Start-ups with Corporates for Scale-up

Industry Academia Rank

We connect your students  with the global industry for:


  • Co-creation

  •  Co-design

  • Co-innovation.

We Connect You with Global Industry

World Class Insitution Rank

We connect your innovation projects with: 

  • MNCs

  • Corporate Accelerators

  • Corporate Venture Companies

  • Corporate Co-innovation Centres

  • Open Innovation Companies

We Globalize Your Innovation Programs

Technology Rank

We connect your innovation projects with:

  • Our research cuts through the noise and gives you the latest signals. Our research provides trends and insights highlighting technology momentum, trends, and shifts.

  • Our rich databases of emerging technologies, pivotal technologies, assistive technologies, and technology solution providers help academic institutions in developing many new technology solutions in an unprecedented manner.

We Connect You with Global Technology Solution Providers

International Collaborations

  • We connect your institution with technology transfer offices of the most innovative Global universities for co-innovation.

  • WIN Platform helps you in maximizing joint research and international collaborations with some of the best universities in the world.

  • We help you in setting up your Technology Transfer Office and connect with the industry for patent licensing and commercialization.

We Connect You with World’s Top Universities for Co-Innovation

Joint Research & Funding

  • We enable organizations to connect with the world’s best research institutions for the discovery of new technologies for resolving business and global challenges.

  • We also enable you to assess and amplify the market potential of new technologies with our unique tech-impact assessment tool to maximize your ROI. 

We Connect You with World’s Top Research Institutions

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