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Corporate Innovation Acceleration Services


Innovation Acceleration Services

Our Worldwide Innovation Network (WIN) Platform Helps the Companies In Accelerating Innovations at Much Faster Pace.

Worldwide Innovation Network (WIN)

Collaborative Intelligence for Companies

  • Worldwide Innovation Network (WIN) is our cloud based collaborative intelligence platform, which connects you with all the stakeholders of innovation eco-system for faster growth.

  • WIN platform is spread across MNCs, Corporate Venture Companies, Corporate Accelerators, Co-innovation Centres, Universities, Research Institutions, Government, R&D institutions and the whole start-up eco-system.

  • Our technology research and intelligence enables us to connect you with right strategic partners at a fast pace for collaborative models of growth. 

Cloud Based Research Platform

We Create Your Strategic Futures

  • Our research and WIN cloud platform empower your leaders in spotting the next big ideas and disruptive technologies for creating high growth futures. 


  • We offer you a wide range of strategic services ranging from foresight program, leadership development programs and ideation workshops for faster growth.



  • Searching information from millions of data points

  • Finding external technology providers

  • Studying technology journals 

  • Technology scouting

  • Collaborating with technology providers 

  • Analyzing technology integration and applications

  • Creating new markets for emerging technologies 

  • Developing new products and solutions

Our Research Reduces Your Innovation Cycle-time

Foresight Program

  • We conduct a foresight program for your leaders, which leads to the discovery of strategic adjacencies and new futures.  

  • The program enables you to quickly analyze future trends and leverage emerging technologies.

We Develop the Pipeline of Open Innovation Thought Leaders

  • Our program on ‘Open Innovation Leadership’ enables your leaders in developing new age thought leaders with the mindsets of open innovation and strategic collaborations for exponential growth.

  • Our WIN cloud platform empowers your leaders to leverage collaborative intelligence on new technologies, create new applications of emerging technologies, integrate technologies into business models, discover new innovation opportunities, collaborate with technology solution providers, plan future scenarios and implement new revenue models. 

We Develop the Pipeline of Breakthrough Ideas

  • We conduct our flagship ‘IDEA FACTORY’ workshop with your think tank. We have spent thousands of hours in Fortune 500 companies in facilitating their leaders with breakthrough ideas.

  • During the high-powered ideation workshop, we facilitate the think tank of the company in creating a new future, high growth strategies and breakthrough products for market leadership.

  • The idea generation sessions are conducted with the help of our cutting-edge tools like 3D Idea Generators and Ready Mind Map templates for tangible results.

We Expand Your Innovation Portfolio

We help you in:

  • Developing new product portfolios with external partners.

  • Expanding markets and customers with strategic networks.

  • Formulating collaborative strategies for sustainable growth.

We Develop Your Open Innovation Platforms

  • We help you in developing open innovation platform.

  • We develop effective strategies for leveraging external innovations from all the stakeholders.

  • We connect you with all the stakeholders of Global innovation and start-up eco-system.

  • We enable you to resolve your critical challenges with Global Innovation/start-up Community.

  • We connect your innovation projects with most innovative talent and start-ups at universities for co-innovation.

  • We promote your company on WIN platform for greater outreach.

We Connect You with Global Technology Solution Providers

  • Our research cuts through the noise and gives you the latest signals. We enable organizations to quickly identify the strong and weak signals for anticipating a new future.

  • Our research provides trends and insights highlighting technology momentum, trends  and shifts.

  • Our rich databases of emerging technologies, pivotal technologies, assistive technologies and technology solution providers help organizations in developing many new technology solutions and partnerships in an unprecedented manner. 

We Provide Technology Radars for Next Big Revolution

What Next? 

The ‘Technology Radar’ sheds light on how you can prepare your business by making the best use of the emerging technology trends.  We set the right direction for your future projects.

We Connect You with World’s Top Universities for Co-Innovation

  • We connect your Research & Development with technology transfer offices of most innovative Global universities for co-innovation.

  • This enables the companies to identify disruptive technologies, cutting-edge research and complementary capabilities.

  • Our rich database of high-tech start-ups at universities and academic research centers enable us to discover the state-of-the-art technologies for you in any field for creating new solutions for the markets.

We Connect You with World’s Top Research Institutions

  • We enable organizations to connect with world’s best research institutions for discovery of new technologies for resolving the business and global challenges.

  • We conduct idea factory workshops to transform these discoveries into breakthrough products.

  • We also enable you to assess and amplify the market potential of new technologies with our unique tech-impact assessment tool to maximize your ROI.

We Connect Your Corporate Ventures with Tech Start-ups

  • WIN platform enables you to discover and connect with tech start-ups and disruptive technologies from all over the world at their very early stages.

  • We also work with top universities for scaling up their tech start-ups and can easily connect them to you for faster growth of your corporate ventures.

  • This enables you to develop a strong portfolio of very high potential start-ups for scaling them up into Global Business Ventures at the least initial investment. 

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